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An Ode to a Gem

Walking down the cobbled alley, the voices of the people in their houses runs through my mind, and soon diminishes as I crossed it. The hustle and bustle of the urban jungle pinched my ears. The billboards next to the road caught my eye. The vintage colours of the 1986 Chevrolet, flashed across the street and casted a colossal shadow. Making a tight grip on my keys of the car, I left for a road that had never been treaded before. The half opened window allowed the cool breeze to bring in the tranquility. After perhaps a long journey of hundreds of miles, the countryside was in sight. The lush green grass of the valley, the untamed cold river reflecting the twilight in the hazy night sky. I rested my tired head, on the cool land and stargazed until the nightingale sung me a lullaby…


Reblog: Eccentric Distraction

The relishing music in the air, soothed down into tranquility. The Piano stopped playing, leaving the last note to echo in the room, for quite some moments. Later, dead silence was laid in front of the room. The silence was smothered like a golden Phoenix reborn, from the fireplace. The pianist, gawked out of his window willing to go outside the room, after seeing the clamour. Soon, the wind’s changed it directions turning into a whirlwind, and eventually making a hindrance in the way of the pianist to go out. He again sat on the chair, and then the tunes were heard again.

Welcome back!

Hello everyone,

I have given a thought about whether I should continue blogging or not and I have made my decision.

I am happy to announce that from today onwards I will start writing. YAY!
But I am not sure that I will be able to write as frequently as before.

I will try my best and blog.

With Care

Guess Who’s BACK!!!

Hello Everybody,

Long time no see!!,

To be honest I have been so busy that I just completely forgot about writing. I have been doing this, I have been doing that and it’s all just to much stress.

Anyways, I opened WordPress today and I wondered…

Do I want to continue WordPress ?

But… I’m going to let you guys decide whether I should continue writing or not?

The reason I am asking all of you is because I don’t have much time to give to WordPress and writing. Day by day I am getting busier and busier and I really don’t know what to do.
Especially when this Covid pandemic is affecting all.

So this is where I’m gonna leave it for today!

Let me know whether I should continue or not.

With Care