15 thoughts on “Inspiring Quotes

    1. You know what James?! I started out with next to no followers of course. And this bothered me for quite a while. Nobody seemed interested and who wants to Blog in a vacuum? Not me. It’s nice to have some people looking in. Strangely, I see some Blogs that I consider to be absolute crap, which have thousands of followers. I can’t figure out why? cuz I consider their stuff to be pretty mundane. I guess people just like mundane stuff? I have done some research on methods to increase followers and there are some Professionals out there who you can pay to help you with that. WordPress offers some advice/suggestions. BUT after a while I just decided to Blog for my own enjoyment. If somebody likes what I’m doing that’s, great. Exposure is a problem though. Nobody will come if they don’t even know you exist. Yet … right now I don’t worry about it too much. I’ve steadily increased my following. Over doubled it. And I’m still growing inch by inch. I guess I could improve my numbers if I focussed on it? The main way I’ve increased followers is by making comments on other people’s Blogs. People liked what I said and came over. Your Blog looks pretty good to me. You need to improve your exposure somehow I’d say.

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