During this lockdown health is a major problem all over the world as many people are eating unhealthy food and are not maintaining their body.
To tell you frankly at first I did not realise that I was also not “Healthy” but, when I researched about it I got to know that this lockdown has gave us a chance to be more healthy, make our mind more sharp and focused, and improve our way of living.

You should STAY HEALTHY both “Physically and Mentally” by

  • Keeping a fixed routine
  • Doing some exercise
  • Playing chess or some other mind game
  • Puzzles
  • Brain-Teasers





During the lockdown almost everyone’s routine got disturbed. Many of them thought now we are staying in our homes we don’t need to go anywhere just sitting at home watching TV, eating a lot of junk food and most importantly getting up late in the morning.

I suggest go back to your normal life imagine you have to school (if you are a kid) or office (if you have a job) wake up in the morning, freshen up, do some exercise, take a bath, eat your breakfast and then do whatever you like.

Lastly I would say “Routine is a habit that decides your personality”-

James Smith 2020

Our Body

As you all now I have wrote a post about our brain. Now I will tell about our body.
In the lockdown are workout has reduced a lot as all gyms and workout centres are closed.
You can be fit by doing yoga and some basic stretching exercises.

During this lockdown many people are getting bored and are feeling lazy.

I suggest that wake up in the morning and do some yoga or any other exercise you like, first start with 10 minutes and then gradually increase (20 minutes) it week by week.

It may feel hard at first but slowly and steadily you will be a slim in no TIME.

How Long

How long do you think this virus will be there. In my opinion it might be there only for a month, think about it, if we all follow all the rules and regulations and not step out of our house’s we may be able to beat this virus. Until the vaccine comes we will be SAFE.

Everyday 100000 people die due to the Novel Coronavirus. What about their families, friends, colleagues. We should be together without being together to beat this virus.

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