Reblog: Eccentric Distraction

The relishing music in the air, soothed down into tranquility. The Piano stopped playing, leaving the last note to echo in the room, for quite some moments. Later, dead silence was laid in front of the room. The silence was smothered like a golden Phoenix reborn, from the fireplace. The pianist, gawked out of hisContinue reading “Reblog: Eccentric Distraction”

Reblog- The nature has left me Speechless — Stories of ecstasy

William Johnson is a brilliant, fantastic, impressive, outstanding, awesome and remarkable writer. He has written mind-blowing stories, poems and many more. I have nothing to say more, You have left me speechless. Fascinating answers are full in my mind, That keep wondering about this world. The god had made the nature, Which is the biggestContinue reading “Reblog- The nature has left me Speechless — Stories of ecstasy”

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