Reblog- Seeing the world with electric eyes

I looked beyond the obnoxious truth, Like the life embedded with many jewels, Beneath the sun from the ascension, and like the golden cries, Voltage bolts thru me, Optimistic feeling spilled all over my mind, Oh, can you give me your glamour so divine, The beauty once again eccentric to the normal eyes, And as […]Continue reading “Reblog- Seeing the world with electric eyes”

Reblog- The nature has left me Speechless — Stories of ecstasy

William Johnson is a brilliant, fantastic, impressive, outstanding, awesome and remarkable writer. He has written mind-blowing stories, poems and many more. I have nothing to say more, You have left me speechless. Fascinating answers are full in my mind, That keep wondering about this world. The god had made the nature, Which is the biggestContinue reading “Reblog- The nature has left me Speechless — Stories of ecstasy”

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